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Categories evaluated by a professional jury

Meeting Room of the Year

The meeting room is an integral part of all corporate premises, where important meetings are held, strategic plans are made and crucial agreements are signed. Show your unique meeting room in this category.

The Office as the DNA of the Company

The Office as the DNA of the Company category evaluates how the activity of your company or your brand is reflected in the look of your offices. Is your DNA visible in your offices? Then sign them up to this category.

The Most Attractive Working Environment

Are your employees satisfied and are your office compelling for a good reason? This category evaluates offices from the point of view of the employees. Show off how your employees work in their offices.

A Small Office

Are you a company with up to 50 employees and office space up to 500 m2? Do you consider your office to be an attractive, comfortable and an attractive place for your staff? Sign up for this new category where you do not have to worry about competition from large multinational companies.

Categories evaluated by professional guarantors

Česká rada pro šetrné budovy


A Healthy Office

The Healthy Office category evaluates offices in terms of issues affecting health and well-being. These are mainly indoor air quality, acoustics, light, the ergonomics of the workplace and the interior design. If you consider your office to be a nice place for your everyday work life, sign up for it!

Smart Cooperation

These days, people do not work in isolation, and collaboration and sharing are the key to innovation and growth. Information has become a commodity and the key to success is an environment that promotes sharing knowledge and experience, joint creation and forming new relationships and ideas. Do you reflect these trends? Show how your team lives and creates!


ČVUT Katedra architektury

Future-proof and Innovative Offices

This category evaluates offices in terms of their readiness for future changes. Among the important aspects are innovative collaborative technologies, the flexibility of office space, sustainable solutions and people and their inspiration for long-term engagement and increased productivity.

Architectural Design

We would like to call on the creators of office concepts to submit their projects to the competition and show them off to the public and jury. The evaluation will be based on thier architectural aspects by the expert jury chaired by the architect Eva Jiřičná.

The Public Voting

All participants are automatically included in this category, and unlike other categories, the general public votes on the websites of the media partners. Voting takes place from mid November 2017 until end of January 2018. Each voter has the right to award one vote to any number of companies entered in the competition. Only one vote from each IP address can be cast, and duplicate records are deleted so that voting results are objective. The winner of the poll is the company that gets the most votes.


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Competition Organizer


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Project Manager

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Ivona Novotná
Media Contact Person

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